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I wasn't always your problem Bonni by Nekonan I wasn't always your problem Bonni :iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 0 POKEBALLS by Nekonan POKEBALLS :iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 0 PokeParasol by Nekonan PokeParasol :iconnekonan:Nekonan 1 0 This was fun by Nekonan This was fun :iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 0 Meh by Nekonan Meh :iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 0 First set of earrings made by Nekonan First set of earrings made :iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 0 One Lone Lantern Necklace by Nekonan One Lone Lantern Necklace :iconnekonan:Nekonan 2 0
Rabid Vexity
Writhe, Writhe!
Squirm in bliss as I scream in agony.
Theif of Joy, eater of Mayhem.
Stay Back!
Don't look at me that way!
Fake smiles, real threats.
Hit me.
Sting my flesh with yours.
Mar my tone with darkness and laugh
as I cry my frustrations out.
Now I laugh, you do as I say.
Follow me will you?
Do as you will as long as I am remembered.
Writhe, WRITHE!
Squirm in discomfort!
As I, have become; broken, crazed, Mad...
Nothing has helped me more than you.
My Theif of Joy, My Eater of Mayhem
:iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 0
Within our world we are one in the same.
Laughing eternal, we shall always remain.
Dreamer, my prince, I search for a charm,
To draw me back, into your arms.
Needing your company as birds need air!
As the moon needs the sun; Will you be there?
          are our souls' songs.
Leaning on out hearts' eyes, we steadily travel on.
To each other we walk, forever prisoner to the pull.
Drifting in our own wake,
   This Kingdom we shall rule.
:iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 0
Hypnotism *Sonnet*
Swaying trance, a captivating allure.
A constant tug against this pure darkness,
Bringing sweet redress to my subconscious.
Of this attraction can i be so sure?
You sing to me, do you even know it?
We're one in the same, oh captor of thoughts.
Your forehead on mine, can you feel the shock?
Our souls; magnetic, but never show it.
Will you ever realize what you do now?
That the pull,your pull is my addiction.
I'm caught up in this, forever all yours.
Come to me and give me the answer how
You call me; pull me,this was your mission.
awaying trance, your constant allure.
:iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 0
After Getting a Pet Bird... by Nekonan After Getting a Pet Bird... :iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 0 Gaara-panda Loves His Cuppycake by Nekonan Gaara-panda Loves His Cuppycake :iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 3 Xcerio and Nikkole, My First Pair by Nekonan Xcerio and Nikkole, My First Pair :iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 0 A Splash Of Color by Nekonan A Splash Of Color :iconnekonan:Nekonan 1 0 A Splash Of Color by Nekonan A Splash Of Color :iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 0 Sanjin Profile by Nekonan Sanjin Profile :iconnekonan:Nekonan 0 0


Happiness - Kaneki Ken x Reader
Shiro!Kaneki x Reader
Based on Chapter 88 of the Tokyo Ghoul manga.

You wished that you were an important person to Kaneki. You really wanted to be a special person to him, one that he wants to protect. You supposed that you were, but just not in the way you wanted.

“I want to give onii-chan the same feeling just like when he’s with her. Touka onee-chan can always make my loneliness disappear as well Kaneki onii-chan’s. I want to help him too.” Hinami uttered to Banjou in a downcast way. “He always looks so sad.”
You truly did love Touka - she was your best friend and you missed her, but you also loved Kaneki Ken. Your love for him was different from the way you loved Touka. It hurt how you weren’t as important to him as he was to you. Of course, you would make sure to never visibly show that weakness n
:iconninasmall:NinaSmall 139 19
Groceries [ Tall!Reader x Levi ]
Groceries [ Tall!Reader x Levi ] [ Modern Day AU ] [ Attack on Titan ]
"Good afternoon, neighbor." You casually greeted one Saturday when you left your apartment to go grocery shopping. You didn't expect a reply from the short quiet man and only spoke to him out of habit fueled politeness.
When it became evident that the two of you were heading in the same direction, he replied with a simple, "afternoon."
The two of you boarded the elevator and went down. The silence felt heavier now that you knew your mysterious neighbor was actually able to speak. You looked at the grocery list on your phone, reading it to yourself quietly to occupy yourself during the awkwardly silent elevator ride from the top floor. The doors opened on the bottom floor with the chime of a bell, and you wasted no time in stepping out.
You paused, looking at the man with curiosity. You didn't expect him to know your name, but reasoned that he must have heard it from someone else who lived at the building. Y
:iconmikaristar:MikariStar 68 21
Levi x Reader |Flustered|
"I can't believe it! This is truly a wonderful find." Hanji, your insanely annoying friend exclaimed, which caused you to uncomfortably shift around, a natural frown gracing your face.
"Hanji, shut up." You murmured, voice muffled by the fact your hands flew to your face in humiliation. Hanji slowly wormed over to you and brought your hands down, a triumphant smile on her lips as she examined your slightly reddened face.
"I just find it so adorable that you blush. You're normally so scary and all, it's almost heartwarming." Hanji giggled, almost creepily, as you just stayed silent for a moment. You let out a tired sigh, before pushing her away from you, since she was invading your personal space.
"Does it really matter? Isn't blushing a normal thing?" You sharply retorted, hoping that she didn't catch onto the fact that you felt genuinely flustered. Why would that matter, if she was such a close friend, you may ask? Well, first off being that you despised showing any form of w
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 953 142
Loki x Reader- Teach Me
   Thor stormed through the halls, slamming open the doors of the library, revealing his raven-haired brother- his face stuck in another magical book. He smiled as he walked closer, a childish smile on his countenance. Before Thor can even say 'hello', Loki spoke "What do you want, brother?" He pressed his lips together, looking annoyed as well as amused, but gave no indication that he was interested in what Thor had to say. The blond didn't mind his lack of attention, since over a thousand years of this behavior had gotten him used to it. He grabbed a wood chair from the other side of the table, dragging it behind him and parked it in front of .
"I have brought some interesting news," He admitted, sitting down harshly. Still, the trickster did not look up, not even a flicker of his green eyes to him.
  "Oh?" He said like an impatient mother. Thors' leg began to shake with anticipation. Hardly amusing for a god that was trying to study magic. The bearded man leaned forwa
:iconxalath:Xalath 407 31
Royals (Loki x Reader)
(Loki x Reader)
(Author’s note: This is a oneshot.  It has nothing to do with my Loki x Reader series.)
“You cheated.”
“No I didn’t!”
“Well I’m a god and I say you did,” Loki said.  He arched one of his dark brows as if daring you to contradict him again.  You sighed and began placing the glass chess pieces back on the board.
“So I’m guessing you want another rematch?”  You asked flatly.  Loki’s expression turned thoughtful as he pondered your suggestion, but after a moment he shook his head.
“No.  I find this to be rather tedious,” he said decidedly.  He arched his back against his chair and stretched.  You rolled your eyes.  You had been playing for hours.  He was just now finding it tedious?
“No kidding…”
Loki’s emerald eyes flickered to you.  “What was that?”
“Nothing.”  You shru
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 297 48
Sesshomaru x Reader: School Day Dreams
                   The teacher was giving his usual boring lecture, babbling on about the importance of punctuality or something like that. You were barely even listening. Too caught up in the doodles you were scribbling into your notebook. Its the last period of the day. Today seemed like any other until you heard the classroom door open. You, along with almost every other student who'd been checked out glanced towards the door. Principal Kaede stepped in, followed by a boy (who appeared more manly than any other boys your age looked) with long silver hair and bright gold eyes. You bit your lip as you took in the beauty of him, noticing the crescent moon on his forehead. He was tall and slim with muscular tone. You wondered to yourself what kind of yokai he could be, because someone as beautiful as he certainly couldn't be human. Plus if he was, he wouldn't be in this class. He wore the normal green school uniform, but on him it looked
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 286 28
Pickup Lines [N x Reader]
Natural Harmonia Gropius, more commonly known as N, had a problem.
It was a problem he had never dealt with before in all his twenty years. Every time said problem arose, his chest began to squeeze like it was going to burst his heart apart and his mouth refused to speak the correct words.
The problem was (name).
It wasn't as if N disliked the girl. No, it was quite the opposite; he had grown fond of her over the past couple of years. It was just that there were times when N found himself unable to function  properly whenever (name) was within ten feet of him and he had absolutely no idea why. Yes, the whole shenanigans with the legendary dragons, Team Plasma and his "father" Ghetsis had ended a long time ago, but the Trainer was still not entirely comfortable with humans.
Touko and Touya, the twins who had once opposed N and Team Plasma but in the end turned out to be his two greatest friends, had introduced him to (name) right after the last of the Sages had been found and put i
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 563 213
Disney University - Kristoff by Hyung86 Disney University - Kristoff :iconhyung86:Hyung86 5,603 174 Goddess of Death 005 by VelvetBat Goddess of Death 005 :iconvelvetbat:VelvetBat 4 0 Skittles - Colours by VelvetBat Skittles - Colours :iconvelvetbat:VelvetBat 6 3 puppet!Link by onisuu puppet!Link :icononisuu:onisuu 1,903 135 Link and Dark Link by Auffallend Link and Dark Link :iconauffallend:Auffallend 1,971 325 dark link by SERAPHLEI dark link :iconseraphlei:SERAPHLEI 4,331 174



someone pleaseeeeeee give me something to drawwwwwww i'm so boreddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hey hey everyone ^.^/ I'm Tish! Pleasure to meet you! anywayssssssssss I'm not new to the site or anything >.< I have just been without a computer for the longest time ever!!
a few things about me? I enjoy cartoons! anime&manga make me swoon and I love comedy stuff :p I'm fun lovinq and you can tell.


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